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I hope you’re having a very crafty summer! I have gotten into a couple of picnic-table terrarium sessions, and have been inching along on John‘s fantastic Oregon Trail cross-stitch project and totally enjoying it. I need to snap a new progress pic, but here it is on my Maker Faire trip:

my Oregon Trail cross-stitch

Someday I will proudly be displaying the finished project in our rec room (I have a crazy idea to frame it, which may or may not work, but I’m trying it for sure!).

Oregon Trail Cross-Stitch by John Lohman

A few other book updates…

Yay, Etsy has shared Garth Johnson‘s fantastic Planet Commemorative Plates project on their How-Tuesday feature! You can get the full project instructions and details over there. I’d love to see yours if you make them, please add a photo to the WOGC flickr group.

Planet Commemorative Plates by Garth Johnson

And my awesome publisher, Chronicle Books, is giving away a copy of WOGC to commemorate the end of the epic Harry Potter movie series.

Harry Potter Baby and Toddler Costume

Just leave a comment on their post by 8/11 with your suggestions for coping in a post-HP world, and you could win the book and craft your own tiny HP costume for your favorite baby or toddler. Love the ideas so far – my favorite is “Immediately leave your house, find puppies and kittens (accio them to you if need be), and frolic with them in a field full of flowers and rainbows.”

costume-making on Halloween afternoon

I’m excited that a feature on the Star Wars Terrariums will go up on CraftFoxes soon too. For now, you can see some lovely preview photos from our terra-crafting session on Katelyn’s Creo Photography blog. There’s some other good terrarium news to share soon too, I’ll keep you posted!

Star Wars Terrariums

Finally, WOGC has gotten some nice reviews lately! Special thanks to Jane Ritter of the School Library Journal for her post last month. I loved making things in high school, and it is so cool to imagine my book on a school library shelf.

Beal’s introduction declares, “We’ve come a long way since ‘geek’ meant a carnival sideshow freak,” which sets the playful tone of this book. To celebrate the geek in all of us, the author has pulled together 25 projects from a variety of crafters organized by difficulty starting with “Not a Jedi Yet” (easy) to “Warp Speed” (advanced). Each contributor includes a “best geeky memory” that often highlights a video game, Star Wars or Star Trek, or an early computer memory. Each project lists the necessary items and includes clear, detailed instructions. Accompanying photos add to the fun.

Mario Magritte by John Lohman

And my favorite book review of all time is courtesy of Andrew Mouet, 13-year-old expert of awesome and cross-stitcher extraordinaire (check out his take on the Mario Magritte project):

According to Charlie McConnell, a geek is made up not only of flesh and blood, but of awesome. I agree with this. Geeks are awesome. So is this book, World of Geekcraft. It has lots of awesome projects. Some are difficult and need time and effort to complete but if you use time and effort, the projects will come out beautifully.

Get this book if you want to be awesome.


Maker Faire, WebVisions… Powell’s!

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It’s been all magnets, all the time lately! I’m really excited that this Sunday (6/5), I’m doing a World of Geekcraft book signing and craft project event with my fantastic Oregon book contributors at Powell’s downtown – would love to see you there if you can make it.

me at Powell's

I was totally amazed that they listed me on the marquee – huge thank-you to Powell’s for the kind support for a local book. The event is at 4:00 in the Pearl Room upstairs, and everyone who comes by can make a POW! ZAP! Magnet, or take home all the stuff to make one later! I’m also bringing lots of book projects, so you can try out the LOST Tin-Can Telephones or hang out with a Tribble.

POW! ZAP! Magnets at CRAFT:!

Here are some of the super-personalized comics magnets people made at my last few WOGC events… first, at Maker Faire,

Everyone making comics magnets


and then last week at WebVisions!


POW! Magnets people made at WebVisions!

Thanks so much to everyone who came out to get their book signed or hang out and craft!

Chronicle Books

ps: I got to visit the mothership, Chronicle Books, while I was in San Francisco too. Thanks for the awesome display of World of Geekcraft and Vintage Craft Workshop right when you walk in – that was a great surprise!

World of Geekcraft <3s Vintage Craft Workshop

Maker Faire bound!

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I’ve been looking forward to our trip to California for months (and all that nice car time to work on my Oregon Trail cross-stitch) and it’s finally here…

Maker Faire

On Saturday, I’ll be at Maker Faire with World of Geekcraft! I haven’t been to Maker Faire since 2007 so I’m beyond thrilled to finally make it back, especially with my little Yoda and my littler Harry Potter in tow.

I’m doing a panel moderated by Diane Gilleland at noon, Crafting Your Online Presence, which should be really cool – I’m very interested to hear what everyone else has to say.

And then you can make a POW! ZAP! Magnet from World of Geekcraft with me at 2:00 – both events are in the CRAFT: Magazine area and totally free! I’ll be signing books afterwards if anyone wants their own copy!

POW! ZAP! Magnets at CRAFT:!

PS: I’ll also be doing a Modern Log Cabin Quilting event at the Bobbin’s Nest on Thursday, and all the info is here – please come say hi and sew a quilt block with me if you’d like to!

WOGC at crafty wonderland!

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I’ll be at the Crafty Wonderland Super Colossal Spring Sale tomorrow with both my books and craft kits for anyone who wants to pick up a copy of either one (or brings a copy you already have for me to sign!). I’m bringing lots of book projects to show everyone, too.

Pac-Man Fever Wii-mote Belt + Holster by Cathy Pitters

Thanks so much to Torie and my stellar book contributor Cathy for inviting me to be part of the whole extravaganza!

POW! ZAP! Magnets at CRAFT:!

You can get a brand-new POW! ZAP! Magnet kit with World of Geekcraft,

Susan's book signing event at MD

or a quilt block kit with Modern Log Cabin Quilting.

Author events at Crafty Wonderland!!!

I’ll be at the author booth from noon to 1:30, and then Heidi Kenney and Cathy Callahan will be signing their books, too! Excited that several of my Portland contributors will be there too – can’t wait to show off some of their book projects…

LOST Tin-Can Telephones and Swan Station Logbook by Ryan and Lucy Berkley

blog tour kick-off!

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The World of Geekcraft blog tour starts today – thank you so much to everyone who’s writing about the book with photo posts, reviews, giveaways, and sneak peeks. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the awesome support! This morning was a dual kick-off with posts at both Geek Crafts and CRAFT: Magazine. Chronicle Books also posted the whole tour on their blog today!

WOGC on Geek Crafts

Shayne Rioux wrote a fantastic post at Geek Crafts that spotlighted Garth Johnson‘s Planet Plates, my Star Wars Terrariums, Renee Asher’s Atari + Nintendo essay, and Shayne’s own Buffy the Vampire Slayer portrait – painstakingly constructed from more than 10,000 fuse beads!!

Shayne's Buffy Fuse Bead Portrait!

Shayne said, “The coolest part of making the fuse bead portraits is seeing the faces emerge as I go row by row.” I would certainly agree with that!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

And here she is with her finished portrait on the page! Awesome. She spotted the book at her local Barnes & Noble – very cool.

World of Geekcraft

World of Geekcraft

Geek Crafts is giving away a copy of the book to one lucky commenter! Just leave a comment mentioning your favorite geeky thing these days, by Friday, May 6, and you’re entered to win it.


I was also so happy to see the lovely post on CRAFT: today – one of the very last ones written by outgoing editor-in-chief Natalie Zee Drieu. Natalie is a lovely friend and a super-inspiring crafter and writer herself, and I was so grateful for her awesome quote on the back cover. I’m thrilled that my dear friend (and wedding officiant, and WOGC contributor!) Diane Gilleland has just come onboard as the new editor at CRAFT: and I am so excited to see all the cool things she has in store for us.

World of Geekcraft

CRAFT: is also sharing a project from the book – the POW! ZAP! Magnets! Just visit the post to download a free PDF with instructions to make your own. (I’ll also be teaching this craft at Maker Faire, and giving away free kits to make your own at my Powell’s, WebVisions, and Crafty Wonderland events!)

POW! ZAP! Magnets at CRAFT:!

So, here’s the whole blog tour if you’d like to follow along! Huge thank-you to everyone who’s signed up for a day along the way.

  • Monday, May 2 – Geek Crafts & CRAFT:
  • Tuesday, May 3 – Cathy of California
  • Wednesday, May 4 – Average Jane Crafter
  • Thursday, May 5 – LindaMade
  • Friday, May 6 – Easy Crafts Wiki & Patterns by Figgy
  • Monday, May 9 – CraftyPod & Craft Gossip
  • Tuesday, May 10 –Quilter Geek
  • Wednesday, May 11 – Indie Fixx
  • Thursday, May 12 – Not Martha
  • Friday, May 13 – House on Hill Road & Public School
  • I’ll be posting more project peeks and extras over at the book site, World of Geekcraft, and if you make anything from the book or want to share favorite snapshots, I’d love it if you added them to the book flickr pool! Thank you again to all my amazing contributors, who I’ll be spotlighting more over the next few weeks as well.

    POW! ZAP! Magnets from World of Geekcraft

    See you at Crafty Wonderland on Saturday!

    WOGC reviews + Star Wars Craft Book interview!

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    We’re getting really excited for some big World of Geekcraft updates coming up at the beginning of May, but there are already a few cool things going on I wanted to share. First, HUGE congratulations to WOGC contributor Bonnie Burton, who wrote an awesome essay on life at Star Wars world HQ, on her fabulous new Star Wars Craft Book!

    The Star Wars Craft Book (final cover)

    It’s packed with easy and even kid-friendly Star Wars-inspired crafts to make, from a Bossk Bean Portrait to a Cuddly Bantha, and I got to do a super fun interview with Bonnie about the book and her awesome day job at Lucasfilm over at today!

    Star Wars Craft Book Interview!

    Speaking of the Star Wars Craft Book, I was thrilled that the books were paired up for a great review in the April/May issue of BUST (along with Cooking for Geeks, which I have to get for sure). Thank you so much to BUST for the shout-outs for the Oregon Trail + Mario Magritte cross-stitch patterns, Vintage Sci-Fi Book Cozy, “Marvelous Machine” Steampunk Pendant, and Harry Potter Baby Costume projects!

    World of Geekcraft review in BUST!

    And Lonny Magazine picked World of Geekcraft for their Lonny Library feature in the April/May issue too, spotlighting the d20 Deluxe Earrings, Trio of Tribbles, and Secret Message Quilt – thank you so much!

    World of Geekcraft review in Lonny Magazine!

    May + Maker Faire!

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    We have some cool stuff coming up in early May for World of Geekcraft!

    World of Geekcraft

    First, I’ll be signing books at Crafty Wonderland, Portland’s biggest and most amazing handmade sale, on May 7th! Would love to see you then… anyone who picks up a book will also get a kit to make your own POW! ZAP! Magnets!

    POW! ZAP! Magnets from World of Geekcraft

    Then, I’ll be coming to the Bay Area for Maker Faire… I can’t wait. I’ll be doing a craft demo on Saturday, May 21 to make your own comics magnets, so everyone who stops by can make themselves one!

    Maker Faire

    Back in Portland, I’ll be doing an event at WebVisions on May 26 – see tons of book projects, meet some of my awesome Portland contributors, and make a magnet for yourself!

    pomegranate limeade + powell's happy hour = awesome

    And on June 5, I’ll be doing a Powell’s book event with my Portland contributors too.

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