I am so lucky to have two dozen awesome contributors to World of Geekcraft!

Craft Projects:

Shelbi Roach
A Gift From The Embalmer Tote Bag by Shelbi Roach

Garth Johnson
Planet Commemorative Plates by Garth Johnson

Heather Mann
Cylon Hoodie by Heather Mann

John Lohman
Oregon Trail Cross-Stitch by John Lohman

Mario Magritte by John Lohman

Ryan and Lucy Berkley
LOST Tin-Can Telephones and Swan Station Logbook by Ryan and Lucy Berkley

Cathy Pitters
Pac-Man Fever Wii-mote Belt + Holster by Cathy Pitters

Linda Permann
Trio of Tribbles by Linda Permann

Diane Gilleland
"Marvelous Machine" Steampunk Pendant by Diane Gilleland

Lee Meredith
Choose Your Own Geekery Coffee Sleeves by Lee Meredith

Erika Kern

Periodic Table of the Elements Cozies by Erika Kern

Rachel Hobson
Needle-Felted Solar System Mobile by Rachel Hobson

Joshua and Sarah Moon
On-Button Flag by Joshua and Sarah Moon

Shayne Rioux
Shayne's Buffy Fuse Bead Portrait!

Paul Overton
The Day the Earth Stood Still Toolbox by Paul Overton

Julie Ramsey
Secret Message Quilt, by Julie Ramsey

Ruth Suehle
LilyPad Arduino Cake by Ruth Suehle

Drive-in Messenger Bag by Ruth Suehle

Adaiha Covington
Vintage Sci-Fi Book Cozy by Adaiha Covington

Kayte Terry and Adam Louie
Er-Geek-Onomic Wooden Mouse Pad by Adam Louie + Kayte Terry


Vincent Morrison
Essential Comic Book Knowledge by Vincent Morrison

Bonnie Burton
May The Force Be With Your Glue Gun by Bonnie Burton

Chelsea Cain
In The Future There Is Only One Girl... by Chelsea Cain

Renee Asher
The Resurgence of Atari and Nintendo by Renee Asher

Kim Mohan
The Craft of D&D by Kim Mohan

Ruth Suehle
Costuming by Ruth Suehle

Katin Imes
The Craft of Second Life by Katin Imes

Pete Bejarano
MIDI by Pete Bejarano

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Diagrams: Alexis Hartman
Photography: Jay B Sauceda
Design: Cody Haltom
Illustrations: Will Bryant


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