I’m so excited for the book events I have coming up!

Saturday, May 21: Maker Faire!

I’m doing two events on Saturday of the Bay Area Maker Faire weekend, would love to see you at one of them!

Maker Faire

12noon – 1pm: Crafting Your Online Presence panel with Diane Gilleland, Garth Johnson, Lee Meredith, Moxie, Alice Merlino, and Bridget Franckowiak. More details on this one soon, but I think it will be super interesting to hear everyone’s thoughts on the state of the craft online.

POW! ZAP! Magnets from World of Geekcraft

2 – 3pm: Free POW! ZAP! Magnets workshop! I’ll have the supplies and templates to make a comics-inspired magnet to bring home, and then be signing copies of World of Geekcraft right afterwards.

World of Geekcraft at WebVisions!

Thursday, May 26, 10:30am – 12noon: WebVisions event with some of my Portland contributors! I’ll be teaching the POW! ZAP! Magnets again and my lovely contributors will be showing their projects and sharing their tips and tricks on geek crafting.

the new favorites display at Powell's

Sunday, June 5, 4pm: Powell’s Books event – I’ll be reading from the book, showing book projects, introducing some of my local contributors and their stellar projects, and sending everyone home with a craft kit to make your own magnet. Please share your favorite geeky memory if you’re up for it! (PS: World of Geekcraft is a new favorite right now and 30% off, thank you Powell’s!!)

Past events:

Saturday, April 30: Guardian Games Fundraiser for Japan, 11am – 10pm

d20 Deluxe + Japan Fundraiser at Guardian Games!

Two signed copies of World of Geekcraft will be in the mix of prizes at this awesome all-day fundraiser!

Proceeds will go directly to help the people of Sendai, Japan get food, water, medicine, and clothing. All gamers welcome to come join in the fun. Donate time, money, or prizes and earn raffle tickets. Pay an entry fee to a special event and earn raffle tickets. Raffle tickets for playing games, winning games, teaching games, buying games, donating money, donating prizes. Open board gaming all day with the opportunity to get raffle tickets as above.

$5.00 entry to most Magic events except drafts. They’ll be $15 ($5 donation, 3 packs draft, 1 pack prize pool). Saturday night draft grand prize is $100 donated in winner’s name by Guardian.
Warhammer 40k 1500pt tournament at 2pm
Magic the Gathering tournaments: Standard tournament at noon Draft at 6pm 8-person drafts, EDH, and Standard flights all day! 4-person mini-masters all day!
BattleStar Galactica boardgame at 6pm
Pirates Games hosted by PDXYar all day long *Sealed Pirates at 1pm *Savage Worlds RPG with Sven Forkbeard at 4-7pm

Saturday, May 7: Crafty Wonderland!

Author events at Crafty Wonderland!!!

Mark your calendars for Portland’s largest and most awesome crafty sale, 11-6 pm at the Oregon Convention Center. I’ll be signing books and shopping for handmade treasures! I’m on first from noon to 1:30, with free crafty kits for anyone who buys or brings a copy of the book, then superstars Heidi Kenney and Cathy Callahan will be signing their books too!


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